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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Liz's Log - A New Gardening Year - A Fresh Start

A fresh Start

Time to start thinking of warm days and lager on the patio

I don't mind admitting to you, 2014 was an horrendous gardening year for me.  Spring started well enough, and July was all sun, with an unprecedented chance to get out in the garden and make hay while the sun shined.  Only problem was, I ended up spending all summer decorating my house, with little or no time to do much more than the essentials in my very large garden.  August came as a total washout with rain all month, and so by the time September had arrived, my hopes of sorting out the garden had faded.

Suffice to say, 2015 'will' be a better gardening year.  The house is now decorated, and so I can concentrate all my energy on the garden.   I am right at this moment, drinking some very fine Vodka my daughter bought me for Christmas, and eating the last of the Christmas cake.   Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations, and today I plan for this year.  2015 is the year I sow all the seeds I purchased last winter, and take cuttings by the dozens - I am determined!

I have made a start by constructing a bird feeder (well the roof anyway):

Watch this space over the next few weeks, I am going to take 2015 by storm!  

Happy gardening, and don't forget to comment, I love to get feedback.